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Westcon Services Solutions


Borderless expertise.
Limitless potential.

Westcon Services help to develop opportunities that deliver greater strategic insight,
richer margin and longer-term customer engagements through our decades of experience and unique in-house skillsets of engineers, support desks, certifications and global delivery models.


Our Services offering are represented by 4 pillars:




Supply Chain





Support Services

With our service infrastructure and the global network of specialists, we will help you as an IT service company providing support services that meet the economically and qualitatively most demanding. We we have the necessary technology and services expertise, which makes IT users satisfied customers.

In addition to our Level 1 - 3 Manufacturer Support expands our Support Center we offer in addition to maintenance package from where How-To Support, training and remote management as well as the testing included on-site. We offer these as years HIDE or as hourly or Incidentkontingente for different manufacturers .

  • 24/7 & 10x5 Hotlines
  • Onsite support
  • Device monitoring
  • Service monitoring

Our Support Tools

Westcon has designed and built its own Service Delivery Platform – based on our SIGMA and SAMA applications - with tailored online applications and tools to manage support requests, workloads, SLA compliance and follow up tracking of service requests.




Professional Services

Designed to complement your skills, capabilities and capacity, our services provide you with access to high-level specialist skills aimed to extend your geographic reach and capabilities across all Cisco architectures without the need for capital investment in resource or skilling up, meaning you only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

We offer a complete set of services , which includes several vendors and their different technologies - including a sophisticated analytical support .

  • Site Assessment
  • Solution Design
  • Implementations
    • Onsite Implementations
    • Remote Implementations
    • Advanced Configurations
  • Migrations and updates
  • Consultancy and project management
  • Presales Consultant
  • Virtual Office
  • Project management
  • Resident Engineer




Education Services

Westcon also offers training courses with a focus on product launches, marketing of products, channel enablement and all things on the subject solution development, sales executive, certifications and skills development. WestconGroup offers a comprehensive range of technical training courses to expand your knowledge base and the resulting skills, both with and without certification.

Why choose Westcon Academy as your preferred learning partner?
  • Certified Instructors o Dedicated labs
  • Flexible and customized learning
  • Certification-Ready
  • Multi-lingual / multi-country availability




Supply Chain Services

The Supply Chain Services Westcon provide our partners around the world with major end-to -end solutions with integration capabilities in 22 logistics centers, which deliver 150 countries.

With Westcon as your reliable partner, you can simply hand over tasks such justifies the drafting of the system and testing and adjusting the basic configurations for installations at us which allows your staff to focus on more profitable work. We provide an excellent system integration through an unrivaled logistics management. This ensures that the orders reach the end customer on time and functional.

Some of what is on offer from Supply Chain Services include:

Reverse Logistics
Our Reverse Logistics offerings can help you simplify and manage your customer’s returns process to reduce overheads and improve processes. Selling a product is
only one part of the supply chain. We offer services that help to monitor, process
and handle inventory that has been replaced.

Logistical Services
Westcon’s Logistical Services are designed to ensure orders arrive when and where they are needed. We offer unrivalled logistical support capabilities and processes;
to handle local, regional and multi-national rollouts.

Integration Services
Westcon’s Integration Team can ensure that your customer is satisfied and protected during system setup, testing and basic configurations for installations as well as equipment failures in the field.

Supply Chain Office (Project Management)
Whilst Westcon Supply Chain Project Management provides expert handling and coordination of projects. Our global team of experienced, qualified and dedicated Project Managers will handle statements of work, bills of materials, ‘scope creep’, delivery, pre-configuration, deployment, post-install testing and much more.




Global Capabilities

Westcon’s history in IT distribution means we have a unique global footprint, resources
and a network of support partners that enables us to transact, trade, deploy, support
and act everywhere our partners and Cisco need us to. But don’t take our word for it,
let the facts speak for themselves:


Our Key Differentiators

  • +100 offices worldwide in +60 countries
  • over 22 logistics and staging facilities around the globe
  • Logistical network capable of delivery in +170 countries
  • +300 engineers with +1500 technical certifications
  • Global reach: multi-national, multi-language
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